Bringing people together through psychic ability.

Recruitment Policy

All of the readers that join us, are requested to perform a Test Phone Reading lasting twenty minutes. This reading is checked for accuracy, presentation and healing content. The reader is not 'marked', but the overall impression given is crucial to being offered readings with our clients, it is like many job interviews that take place face to face.

Some readers that approach us via the internet are also required to perform written answers to sample questions, before being requested to perform their phone reading.

The following results can occur following the test procedure:

1. The reader meets our stringent requirements and is offered the chance to read for our clients.
2. The reader meets our requirements, but it is felt that further monitoring will be required, before the reader is fully accepted as part of the team. In this instance a trial period is offered, during which readings are monitored closely to ensure they meet an acceptable standard.
3. The reader shows themselves to meet the basic requirements of integrity, patience, respect, and selflessness, but does not appear to have reached our requirements for readings, YET! In this case, feedback is offered, and training provided to encourage and foster the reader to grow stronger in their gifts, and more able in their presentation skills. They are then re-tested at an appropriate time, by mutual agreement.
4. The reader shows themselves to lack in one of the following areas, and does not succeed at the application process:

a. Fails to show appropriate respect for human beings, and their inherent goodness, no matter who they speak or refer to;

b. fails to show proper patience, temperance and humility in their manner, attitude and demeanour;

c. fails to show skill in the particular field at which they claim to be proficient, to an extent that training would be ineffective;

d. lies or by an act of omission, deceives or misleads a representative of, in any way or for any reason;

e. demonstrates that they would be unable to deal with situations that might arise, in the performance of readings, in a way that is required under ICSTIS regulations.

This list is by no means exhaustive or final, and the chance to read for our clients is provided at our sole discretion.

Of those that fell into categories 1 to 3, around 35% were not offered readings after a duration of less than 14 days, due to our stringent monitoring practices.

So as you can see, it is by no means certain that applicants are accepted to read for our clients! And monitoring and test readings are carried out at random in all cases, to ensure that the Readers continue to maintain high standards.

With regard to media opportunities- these arise at random intervals and may consist of public appearances in any media. We offer no guarantee that being successfully recruited by us, implies that you will receive such opportunities. They are offered purely when they arise, and are not actively pursued by us as your agents.

Your application will be processed by Ralph Riley Ltd. Your personal data will be used solely for the purposes of processing your application, and asessing the suitability for providing services as advertised. We will not pass on your details to third parties without your express permission.  Our company number is 03910390 and our VAT registration number is 843222648. Registered address, 2nd Flr, 147-154 St John St, London, EC1V 4PY.